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Solar Tint of Orlando is 100% committed to helping our customers SAVE....SAVE MONEY, SAVE ENERGY, and SAVE LIVES.  For over 20 years, we have been assisting Central Florida homeowners and business owners save money by reducing their energy costs and overall energy consumption by installing the correct window tint film, decorative film, or safety & security film on all of the windows of their homes, office buildings, and vehicles.  Solar energy reduction, glare reduction, UV protection, and heat reduction are paramount to living and working in a comfortable environment.  We help you reduce costly furniture and flooring replacement caused by the harmful UV light from the sun.  You can reduce your overall sun exposure and limit your personal health risk of skin cancer or eye damage just by tinting your home, office, car, boat, or RV.  We wear sunglasses to protect our eyes when outdoors, but we strain and damage our eyes when indoors.  During storm season, impact resistance and glass window breakage protection is especially necessary to protect your loved ones and your home or business from unnecessary injuries or insurance claims.  Our Safety and Security films allow peace of mind and ultimate protection when installed by our experts.  Our Decorative Films can help you completely transform your home or office with colors, patterns, and designs that are much more cost effective to create the design elements or privacy you desire.  Call us today to discuss your residential or commercial project today.  Or click here now to book your appointment for an installation or free estimate.


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